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School year session & Home Studio reopening

The school year session begins on August 10th. I'll be contacting you in the next couple days to set up a day and time. If the school plan changes we can always adjust your lesson spot accordingly.

Beginning on August 10th I will also be offering both online and in-studio piano lessons at my house. Just let me know which you prefer!

(Recorder and flute lessons will remain either online or outside in my mom's yard)

Since I have over 40 piano students and and my studio is in my home, I decided to incorporate as many safety protocols as I could think of for reopening in addition to the requirements set by the governor.

Here's the new protocol for in-studio lessons:

  • I will greet each student outside and allow 1 student at a time in my house. I may be in a zoom lesson, with another student, or disinfecting the piano when you arrive so please wait outside until I come to get you.

  • Parents and siblings are welcome to sit in the outside chairs in front of my studio window where they can watch and listen to the lesson, ask questions, etc.

  • Masks are required for students and myself. I have paper masks available if you forget your mask.

  • Hand sanitizer will be outside by the outside chairs where students and I will sanitize our hands before and after lessons. I will also disinfect the piano between students.

  • I will be sitting 3 1/2 feet from students during their lesson and will be using a retractable pointer instead of leaning over students when pointing things out on the music.

  • I will also be running 2 air purifiers as an extra precaution.

  • If anyone in a student's household is sick, just let me know and we can do online lessons for as long as needed.

  • Similarly, if anyone in my household is sick I will switch over to online lessons temporarily.

Upcoming Events:

August 3-9: Last week of summer break - no lessons

August 10: 1st day of the school year session

October 5-9: Fall Break - no lessons

October 25: Halloween Recital

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