Practice Tips

Since consistent practicing is the key to success for all musicians, I’d like to share some Practice Tips with my students and their families to help make their musical journey fun and rewarding.

The Joy of Practicing:

Music students' progress is directly related to their enjoyment.  I strive to motivate and inspire my students through their love of music, but a small amount of discipline is necessary to turn motivation and inspiration into music.  It’s this element of discipline that sometimes turns “The Joy of Practicing” into “The Agony of Practicing.”  My goal is to get all my students to realize their potential as musicians and have a blast in the process!  I’ve created a list of tips on how to structure music practicing in your home to increase your children’s enjoyment and progress.  Some of these methods worked for me when I was young.  Others were developed by me and my students over the years.  I hope these tips help bring music and joy into your household!

Wooden Piano


Establishing a routine is hands down the easiest and most effective way to practice consistently.  Establishing a routine can be hard at first, but once practicing is a part of student’s daily routine, that student will never have to “find time” to practice.  It’s already there!  

The key to establishing a routine is choosing a time of day that always works. Some good examples are: before school (my favorite), after dinner, after homework, and before screen time.


Reward System:

Short-term and Long-term reward systems can be a great asset to developing musicians. Fun and exciting rewards for students are limitless! 

One of my friends grew up with the Jelly Bean game and it works wonderfully with small children.  My friend’s mom placed a line of jelly beans on the piano and each time she played a song she got to eat a jelly bean.

As students grow older, jelly beans might not cut it.  Try rewarding your children with a fun activity or a pizza movie night if they complete their weekly practice goal.

Music Homework:

Like your children’s teachers at school or at home, I’m providing a valuable education that will enrich your children’s lives in many ways. You can encourage your children to see practicing their instrument as “music homework.”  Including “music homework” into your children’s daily “school homework” is very effective.

 ​Piano             Recommended Practice Time        

Primer Level         15 minutes 5 days a week

Level 1                    20 minutes 5 days a week

Level 2A                 20 minutes 5 days a week

Level 2B                25 minutes 5 days a week

Level 3+                 30 + minutes 5 days a week

 Recorder       Recommended Practice Time

  & Flute

1st Year                15-20 minutes 5 days a week

2nd Year               20-25 minutes 5 days a week

3rd Year +            30+ minutes 5 days a week