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Early Intermediate Duets for Piano & Solo Instruments

My students have much better long-term success if they play and perform music with their friends and family. 

Since most piano accompaniments are difficult and not much fun, I’ve arranged and published a collection of Early Intermediate/Intermediate duets for piano and various solo instruments (flute, violin, recorder, clarinet, & alto sax) so even beginning pianists can enjoy playing music with their friends and family. 

I use the term “duet” instead of “accompaniment” because the piano part is just as much fun as the soloist part!​

Available Titles:

Classical Duets for Flute & Piano:  6 Selections from Peer Gynt Suites 1 & 2

Christmas Duets for Recorder & Piano:  11 Traditional Carols


Christmas Duets for Violin & Piano Vol. 2:  11 Traditional Carols


Classical Duets for Clarinet & Piano:  4 Selections from Vivaldi's Four Seasons

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