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Music Lesson Contingency Plan

If you guessed that I am working on setting up online music lessons, you're correct! My music studio software just integrated Skype into their platform last week which is brilliantly convenient! Although I love teaching one-on-one in my home studio, I'm looking forward to developing different teaching skills and being able to offer my students more lesson options in the future.

Many of you have probably noticed that being holed up at home is actually very conducive to music practicing! Because of this, instead of closing my studio for an indeterminate number of weeks, I would love to continue teaching and helping each student progress every week!

Teaching music lessons via Skype has been a common platform for over 15 years with many teachers only teaching Skype lessons. Fortunately, many of those expert Skype teachers have tutorials and articles for me to learn from this week :)

My daughter has a digital piano in her bedroom so we will be working away this week fine tuning the technical and device setup for both laptops and tablets. Clara and I will also be working on honing my Skype lesson planning and teaching techniques for both piano and recorder lessons.

What can students be doing this week? Keep practicing! Lessons resume on March 30th and we still have a performance scheduled for May 17th.

I will be using this blog as a way to communicate updates throughout the week so please sign up to receive notification of new posts!

Upcoming blog posts:

The Show must Go On!

Plans A (0% social distancing), B (moderate social distancing), C (significant social distancing), & D (100% social distancing) for our May 17th performance.

Device Setup

Tips and tricks for setting up either your laptop or tablet in preparation for online lessons

Skype Setup & Scheduling

Easy steps to setting up your Skype account, sending me your username, and conducting a practice call

Pre-Lesson Checklist

What to set up and prepare 5 minutes prior to your Skype lesson

I look forward to seeing you soon!


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