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The Show Must Go On!

Despite the fact that performance halls across the country are empty, I'm happy to announce that my K-12 students still have a performance to prepare for on May 17th! Scroll down to read our fun and engaging performance options!

My anti-microbial arsenal is available for deployment in plans A, B, & C.

  • alcohol based hand sanitizer, lysol spray, ammonium chloride wipes, and nitrile gloves

Plan A

  • 0% social distancing

  • inspired by our usual festive recitals

Plan A is our usual recital at McKinley Arts and Culture Center Auditorium. It's obviously my favorite choice, but looks like somewhat of a long-shot at this point.

Plan B

  • moderate social distancing

  • inspired by my mom's Tai Chi classes she holds in her helipad-sized driveway where participants stand 15 feet from each other.

For Plan B I will set up a digital piano and some decorations under the fruit trees to the left of the huge driveway at my mom's house. Students will be invited for "mini recitals" of 5-6 students. This will give them the opportunity to perform in a beautiful setting as well as allow them to hear a few other students perform.

Plan C

  • significant social distancing

  • also inspired by driveway Tai Chi

For Plan C I will also set up a digital piano and some decorations under the fruit trees in my mom's beautiful and spacious front yard. The difference from plan B is that each student will be invited for their own private 10 minute recital in which their parents will have the opportunity to take pictures and videos.

Plan D

  • 100% social distancing

  • inspired by my neighbor Marilyn's neighborhood trivia night on Zoom

For Plan D I will split my students into 3 groups of 11 or so, and invite each group to an online virtual recital using the Zoom conferencing app. Students will have the opportunity to perform for and listen to other students from the safety and comfort of their own home. Perhaps we could even eat cookies together afterwards...

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