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Spring Break & Upcoming events

No Lessons March 20-31. Lessons resume on April 3rd.

I'll be spending the 2nd week of Spring Break at the MTNA National Conference in Sparks. Included in the 5 days of workshops are 3 master classes taught by composers who regularly appear on our recital programs (Melody Bober, Dennis Alexander, Lisa Bastien, and Lori Bastien), and an advanced master class taught by my 11th and 12th grade piano teacher, Professor Alvin Chow from Oberlin College. I'm looking forward to applying new insights and knowledge to our lessons when we resume in April!


Upcoming Events:

  • Spring Break, 3/20-3/31: No lessons

  • Spring Recital, Sunday May 21st, sessions @ 1:30 & 2:45

  • Last day of School Year Session, 6/9

  • 1st day of Summer Session 6/13, (schedule coming soon)

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