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October Break & Halloween Recital Info

Upcoming Events:

October Break 10/3-10/7

(no lessons)

Halloween Recital 10/30

(1 session @ 2:15-3:15)

Thanksgiving Break 11/22-11/25

(no lessons Tuesday-Friday)

Winter Recital 12/18

(sessions @ 2:00 and 3:15)


Halloween Recital:

Many students have told me that they prefer the smaller recital sessions, but I think it's important to have all students together so the younger kids can be inspired by the older kids, and the older kids can reflect on how much they've accomplished. Since the Halloween Recital is shorter than the other recitals due to not having both solos and duets, I decided to hold just 1 recital session for this recital (the Winter and Spring recitals will be in 2 sessions).

recital details:

  • Sunday October 30th @ the McKinley Arts and Culture Center, 2:15-3:15p.m.

  • There's a $15 recital fee for each participating student that will be added to your monthly invoice.

  • Students are welcome to arrive 10-20 minutes early to try out the piano and find their seat on stage.

  • You're welcome to invite family and friends.

  • Performers are encouraged to wear costumes!

Recital Countdown: 3 more lessons before the recital!

For a fun and stress-free recital season I encourage all

students to practice with the music and from memory every day and also practice performing for family or your phone's record button a couple times a week.

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