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Skype or FaceTime?

When the connectivity on the Video call is good, the computers and technology seem to disappear and all focus turns to learning and the interaction between student and teacher.

At our house Skype works well on our laptop but horribly on our old Asus tablet (lots of lag time and the microphone keeps dropping out which is maddening). We have 3 cell reception bars at our house and FaceTime on our iphone works surprisingly well!

Simplest Setup:

  • Use your smartphone with FaceTime or Skype depending on whether you have an Apple or Android phone.

  • Bluetooth headphones or a speaker will enhance the audio but aren't necessary.


  • If you're interested in using a tablet or laptop you can try doing some test calls near your piano and see which one has more responsive video quality (less lag time/delay). Sound can be enhanced with plug-in headphones or speakers.

  • Smart phones have fantastic cameras and there can be advantages to using cellular signals instead of broadband so don't forget to try that too!

Optional Add-ons:

  • Plug-in headphones or speakers will significantly increase the sound quality on laptops and tablets. Wireless speakers and headphones significantly enhance the sound quality on smart phones.

  • An external camera/microphone can increase audio video quality on your laptop. Unfortunately they're becoming hard to find. Ex. [link]

  • smart phone/tablet tripods are very convenient! Ex. [link]. (Stacks of boxes and books work too)!

Once tinkering is done:

  • If you prefer Skype, email or text me your Skype name.

  • If you prefer FaceTime, let me know which phone number you would like me to call

My Online Teaching Headquarters:

Do you need all this stuff? Absolutely not! Whatever you have available to you will work just fine.

Test Calls

  • I strongly recommend doing some test calls this week to make sure everything is working optimally.

  • Skype and FaceTime playdates are super fun! Break out the legos or board games and call your friends!

  • It's so important to connect with friends and family during our physical distancing. Try calling them on Skype or FaceTime near your piano or keyboard and see how it goes!

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