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October Break & Halloween Recital Info

Upcoming Events:

October Break: 10/4 - 10/8

(no lessons)

Halloween Recital: Sunday 10/24

(Sessions @ 1:25, 2:20, & 3:15)

Thanksgiving Break: 11/22 - 11/26

(No lessons Tuesday - Friday)

Winter Recital: Sunday 12/12


Halloween Recital:

I'm excited to announce that our Halloween recital will be at the McKinley Arts and Culture Center Auditorium downtown on Sunday October 24th with sessions at 1:25, 2:20, and 3:15. Please let me know if you have a time preference. For the most part the recital will operate like past indoor recitals except we will have 3 small sessions instead of 1 big session, and we will be adding some safety measures (masks, distancing, ventilation, and hand sanitizer).

  • Please arrive no more than 10 minutes early as to not interrupt the previous session

  • Masks are required for everyone

  • Audience members are asked to sit with their family only

  • I will be placing 6 students on each side of our backstage area for each session

  • Students will sanitize their hands before and after playing

  • Windows on both sides of the auditorium will be open for ventilation

  • Please don't come if you're not feeling well. There's another recital coming up on December 12th for you to attend!

  • Performers are encouraged to wear costumes


Recital Pep Countdown: 2 more lessons before the recital!

for a fun and stress-free recital season I encourage all

students to practice with the music and from memory every day and also practice performing for family or your phone's record button a couple times a week.

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